Internship in Japan as a high-school student

Going into the summer before my senior year of high school, it was wide open. From exploring Tokyo more, to visiting family in the USA, to taking online classes, I had considered a lot of different things for the summer but ultimately COVID-19 took over and many of the things I had wanted to do were now impossible. However things took a great turn when I heard about Zentern from a friend, and through their services was quickly able to find a marketing/social media internship with a local company: Rigel Jewelry. 

Through my Zentern internship with Rigel Jewelry, I’ve been able to have a small taste of what it’s like working in advertising and social media, ultimately organizing and executing a 2 day jewelry photoshoot. My internship has been an irreplaceable part of my high school experience, and it could be a part of yours too!

Photoshoot I organized
A few photos from the jewelry photoshoot I organized

Why you should get an internship as a high schooler

Jewelry internship in Japan photoshoot
Working at the jewelry photoshoot

How to get an internship as a high schooler

Working at the office
Working at the office

How to be successful in an internship as a high schooler

Overall, internships are the perfect mix of having fun exploring your interests while simultaneously getting valuable practical work experience. My Zentern experience has been an invaluable part of my time in high school and I couldn’t recommend it more for any high school student looking for something to do over the summer! 

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