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Kaili and her internship supervisorLuke and Mark with their internship supervisorAbdul at his finance internship in Tokyo

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Hire an intern that fits your company. We have a great pool of talented, international interns to select from.

Receive full support

Leave the difficult things to us. Insurance, accommodation and other important matters will be handled by our team.


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Why hosting an intern
is a fantastic idea.

A company can always use more people. Hosting an intern allows you to discover new talent, is cost and time-efficient and makes your life a bit easier.

Zentern Talent
Pre-Screened & Amazing Talent

Our interns are a bunch of amazing, motivated and eager-to-learn talents who can't wait to cross the ocean to work with you.
We have pre-screened all interns and can offer interns in any industry, year-round.

Save costs by hiring interns
Save on Hiring Costs
& Discover Talent

Hiring an intern is the best way to discover new talent. You will have a few months to see the intern's potential. This will immensely decrease mismatching and saves you more time, money and (lots of) stress.

Zentern no risk for companies

Zentern arranges the intern's accommodation, insurance and visas. We provide 24/7-emergency support and there are no strings attached if things don't work out. Luckily, we're good at what we do and will provide you with excellent service.

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