Culture & Career
Explore Japan through our immersive cultural program!
Immersive Japanese Cultural Program

Culture & Career

The perfect experience in Japan for first-timers and explorers!
Discover the best of Japan during your internship.
We have a full itinerary ready for you.

No matter the season, we will show you the best Japan has to offer; from local events you never thought existed to famous exhibitions.
Asakusa internship in Japan Zentern event
Kamakura event Zentern Internships

What's included

Cultural Program

Discover a whole new culture with our bustling social calendar of exciting events. Join local events and fun day trips to Kamakura, Kawagoe and other exciting places. Join us and let's explore a whole new country and culture together!

Workshops & Seminars

Learn more about Japanese (business) culture by joining our calligraphy, tea ceremony or kimono workshops. Professional workshops include learning Japanese business culture and seminars given by successful professionals.

Network & Mentorship

Get in touch with the right career counselor and discuss your career path and future goals with a professional. Meet entrepreneurs and like-minded people in your industry through our professional networking events.

First Day Assistance

Your first day can be stressful. We offer you assistance and guide you to your office on your first day.

Transportation Card

To get you started we set you up with a preloaded transportation pass you can top up yourself whenever and use on all public transportation.

Welcome Package

A set of handy and useful information about your city, what to do in emergencies and the best places to visit in town.

Guaranteed Quality Internships

To ensure you get valuable, hands-on work experience, we strictly screen companies. No coffee runs (unless you're in need of caffeine) or copying boring paperwork. Dodgy internships in Japan will never happen with Zentern and your internship placement is guaranteed.


You'll meet us at the Zentern office for orientation. During this time you'll learn more about Japan, its (business) culture and what to expect during your time in Japan. Other than meeting the Zentern team, you'll meet the other Zenterns as well.

Professional Assistance

Your resume and cover letter will be reviewed and revised by professionals in the field. We will send back your revised versions so you can re-use this in the future for any other job or internship applications.

24/7 Emergency Support

While uncommon, accidents do happen. We will be at your side throughout your stay in Japan. From the beginning, we ensure all Zenterns are safe and healthy.

Housing Assistance

We will take care of your accommodation in Japan and based on your preferences, you can pick from several options.

More about housing
Internship Certificate

You will receive an Internship Certificate upon your internship completion.

Recommendation Letter

Your internship supervisor will be more than happy to write you a recommendation letter. Make sure to request this prior to the end of your internship.

Goodie Bag

Goodie bags are handed out including useful items and seasonal snacks. Zentern is always looking to add something extra special to your internship in Japan experience.


To get you started, you will receive an Amazon gift card.

For an extra fee we also offer

Airport Pick-up/drop-off

Welcome to Japan! If you're unsure on making the journey alone, Zentern members will be happy to pick you up from the airport for an additional fee.

SIM Card

Offering you the best deals, our partners at Mobal have got you covered.


We can arrange your insurance while in Japan.