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We arrange your housing in japan: find out more on this page


Discover Your Home Away from Home in Japan: Intern Accommodations

A wide range of housing choices

Choose from a wide variety of options and locations. Your accommodation is usually within 30 - 40 minutes from your internship.

Easy move-in process

Reserve right away or book an online tour. Houses are strictly screened to ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

Set your own monthly budget

Rent is not included in the program fee but housing arrangements are. We make sure to get you a place that's safe, comfy and within your budget.

Great opportunities to make new friends!

Living in a shared-house gives you the opportunity to meet locals and internationals. It's a great way to make new friends!
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Explore diverse housing options: apartments or shared houses.

Sample front building of an apartment in Japan

Private apartment in the city

A perfect choice if you prefer to live on your own and apartments come with more privacy. Apartments tend to be a bit pricier than private rooms or dormitories and are usually available both downtown or around the city allowing perfect access into town. You will also have the option to share the apartment with friends or your partner.

Sample room accommodation in Japan 2

Private room in a shared house

This option is the most popular and convenient. You will have full privacy with your private room including great security. Your room mates will be international and local people allowing you to make friends right away! Female-only housing options are available as well.

Sample dorm type accommodation

Dormitory in a shared house

If you want to save on accommodation costs, this is the best option. A great way to socialize with other internationals and locals while conveniently living in the city. All houses have shared common spaces and you're mostly out of the house busy with your internship and exploring Japan!

Live, work, and play: your house may include these amenities

Theater Room
Work Space
Music Room

All About Your Stay: Accommodation FAQs for Interns in Japan

How much is rent?

You can set your own budget. However, the minimum we advise you to have is USD550 per month or so for a private room in a shared house.

Can I share my room with a friend?

Yes, you can share your apartment or room with a friend or partner. It is a great way to save costs.

How long do I need to commute?

We aim to find you a cozy place within 30/40-minutes of your internship location. You can let us know your preferences and we will introduce several options to you.

What's included in my rent?

Your room, Wi-Fi, utilities, furnishing, kitchen utilities and our amazon gift card in case you need any additional supplies.

Who are my roommates?

International people and locals working or studying nearby. All-female houses are available too. Living in a shared-house is the best way to make new friends.

Is my house in a safe neighbourhood?

Definitely. Japan is one of the safest places to live and unlike overseas, we do not have very bad neighbourhoods to avoid. All properties have security measures in place as well.