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frequently asked questions about our services


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Where in Japan are you located?

We are in Tokyo, Japan. You can find us in a cool place called Toranomon (literally translated as the tiger's gate) which is one of Tokyo's business hubs. For example, Facebook is in the building in front of us, Kikkoman (famous soy sauce) is next to us and one of the oldest soba places in town is just around the corner! It gets better: Tokyo Tower and the famous Zojo-ji temple is just a short walk away! We also have awesome izakaya's (Japanese pubs), cafes and more so come hang out with us!

Who can apply? Is there an age limit?

Students and young professionals can apply. Our youngest intern was 15 years old and our oldest 36. We welcome everyone and you do not need to be enrolled in a university or college. Please note, we need parental consent for minors.

Can I start anytime?

Yes, you can! We are flexible and can adjust the internship start date to your schedule. No need to rush or enter Japan before a certain date.

Can I join with a friend or partner?

Yes, that's not a problem. You both will receive a 5% discount on your program fee. On top of that, you can share your accommodation and, in some cases, the same internship placement. What a great way to spend time with your bestie or loved one!

Can I bring my prescribed medicine?

Yes, please contact us for further details.

What's the difference between the Internship + Career Program and the Internship + Basic Program?

The Career program comes with a weekly activity itinerary. These activities include events, workshops, trips, lunch/dinners and more.
The Basic Program is an Internship-Only Program meaning that we will arrange your internship and housing but there is no activity program.

What companies do you work with?

Ranging from multinationals to start-ups, we work with both local and international companies. Most industries available. Industries that are not available are mainly in the fields of health/medicine or government/politics.

When should I apply?

Please apply as soon as you can to secure your spot in the program. We need at least one to two months in advance.

Do I need a visa?

Depending on your nationality and internship duration, different visas are needed. There are many options to obtain a visa - because we are a Japanese company, we can assist you if needed.

Are the internships paid?

No, the internships are unpaid. Most companies do cover commuting and/or lunch expenses.

Do I need to be able to speak Japanese?

No, not at all! Most interns do not speak Japanese and we have internships available where only English is needed.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, payment in installments is possible. Please contact your internship coordinator if you'd like to choose this option.

What's the difference between the Application Fee and Program Fee and when do I pay?

The application fee activates your program application and is guarantee for us that you are committed to the program. To officially sign up we need your application form and fee.
The program fee is the remaining amount and will be charged when your internship has been confirmed.

What happens if you can't find me a placement or the internship get cancelled?

If Zentern is not able to set up an interview for you, you will be refunded. In case the company cancels your internship, we will find a replacement. If you decide to cancel or withdraw from the internship, there will be no refund.

What's your refund policy?

Application Fee -- You will be refunded this fee only if Zentern is not able to set up an interview for you.

Program Fee -- If the company cancels and you decide to quit instead of letting Zentern find replacement, you will receive a 30% discount.
No refunds if the internship has been confirmed and you decide to cancel.

What's your payment options?

Credit Card, Debit Card and Bank Transfer.

Can you arrange accommodation?

Yes, we arrange your accommodation. Rent is not included in the program fee. For more information, please see our Accommodation Page.

Do you arrange homestay?

No, we do not arrange homestay. You are more than welcome to arrange this for yourself.

What's a good budget to have for housing?

Private apartments -- ¥70,000 or higher per month
Private room in a shared house -- ¥60,000 or higher per month
Dorm room in a shared house -- ¥40,000 or higher per month

What happens if I don't like my place or want to move out?

Living quarters not feeling like your living standards? Let's find you a new place! It's not a problem to move out and change places.

Tell me more about insurance.

You must have a valid (travel) insurance before departing to Japan. We do offer insurances but it is usually much more expensive than if you get an extra (travel) insurance through your insurance company or similar.

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