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Zentern Internships reviews & Testimonials


Our reviews speak for themselves.

Maria Kimono Excursion Zentern

"I had a wonderful time with Zentern!"

This was my first time to Japan and I interned at a finance company in Tokyo. Japan has so much to offer and if you get the chance to apply, just do it! I've had an experience of a lifetime!


Zach during his internship in Japan

"Zentern's process was quick and easy."

They found me an internship placement at a Japanese firm. I got along very well with the staff and CEO. I am offered a part-time job when I go back and hope to come back to Japan soon. Thanks Zentern!"


Meet Agata

Follow Agata along a typical week day and weekend in her life in Tokyo. Agata did an internship in Japan as part of her curriculum at the International Business Academy in Denmark. Her 3 month internship was in marketing and business at a high end real estate firm in Tokyo. She immensely enjoyed her stay in Tokyo and hopes to come back soon!

This internship is one I will never forget, and I am so happy I am able to use it to build my future professional career.

After reviewing countless Japanese internship placement companies, I had finally chosen to go with Zentern for my summer internship. Every interview I had with them provided me with even more information and really made me feel excited to come to Japan. There were Japanese lessons that I was able to take in order to enrich my experience here, as well as trips organized to Kamakura, which is great for anyone interested in the rich history Japan has to offer. Regardless of what your interests are, Japan has it all covered. The company that Zentern set me up with was smaller and allowed me a great perspective on what start up companies are like. I was able to get to know the CEO very well and was able to learn a lot from him and see what starting a company in Japan as a foreigner is really like. I wish I could stay longer, but thanks to my internship organized by Zentern, I have made the decision to obtain my MBA in Japan.

Maisha internship in research Tokyo Japan

Zentern really made this experience the best one for me. It is something I will never forget.

As an international student with no work experience in my field (IT) it is really hard to find an internship abroad. I almost thought of giving up but then I looked for companies who could help me find an internship. I heard a lot of bad stuff about companies who help with internships, so at first I didn't wanted to consider one, but I am so glad I did. Zentern helped me beyond my expectations.
At first I thought how am I going to survive here on my own for so long, but Zentern gave me so many opportunities to connect with other people. Even before I came to Japan they helped me with a lot to make it my stay more comfortable and less stressful. Thanks to Zentern I made friends for a lifetime and I was able to see more of Tokyo. This experience wouldn't be possible if it weren't for Zentern. They have helped me from the start until the end.

If you ever consider going abroad then just take the risk, because some chances only come once in a lifetime!

Kajal (secret skill: claw crane games)
The Netherlands
Kajal during Zentern event