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Guaranteed internship in Japan + an immersive Japanese cultural program

Internship + Culture

Discover the best of Japanese culture during your internship in Japan.
Get a unique opportunity to balance professional growth with cultural immersion in Japan. Whether you are looking to build your resume, acquire new skills, or explore a new country, this program has you covered.

The internship component of the program is customized to fit your career goals and interests, providing hands-on experience and valuable connections in your field of choice.

Experiencing both the professional and cultural sides of Japan made my time with Zenten unforgettable!

Valeria from Ecuador
Valeria in Japan

Internship + Culture Includes:

Guaranteed Internship

To ensure you get valuable, hands-on work experience, we strictly screen companies. No coffee runs (unless you need caffeine) or copying boring paperwork.

Dodgy internships in Japan will never happen with Zentern and your internship placement is guaranteed.

Events & Activities

Discover a whole new culture with our bustling social calendar of exciting events.
Join local events and fun day trips to exciting places during you internship in Japan.
Let's discover Japan and its culture together!

Kamakura Trip
Mt Fuji Zentern Trip
Mt. Fuji
Asakusa Kimono Event
Ropppongie View Tower Zentern
& More!

Housing Assistance

You will have may options to choose from based on your preferences, budget and internship location. Did you know that rent in Tokyo is s much cheaper than in other big cities?

More on housing

24/7 Support

While uncommon, accidents do happen. We will be at your side throughout your stay in Japan. From the beginning, we ensure all Zenterns are safe and healthy.

Professional Assistance

Your resume and cover letter will be reviewed and revised by professionals in the field. We will send back your revised versions so you can re-use them in the future for any other job or internship applications.

Minnie Mouseby Adrián Valverde

Ticket to Tokyo Disneyland

Or a similar theme park such as Universal Studios or Harry Potter Studio.

Gift Card

We understand that settling in can be overwhelming, so we want to extend a warm welcome to you with a gift card. It's our small way of helping you out as you start this new chapter in your life. Feel free to use it for groceries or treat yourself to some cozy new towels.

First Day Support

Your first day at the internship can be intimidating. If needed, we will provide assistance to guide you to your office on your first day.

Insightful Orientation

You will attend an orientation session at the Zentern office to learn more about Japan's culture and what to expect during your stay.

Certificate & Reference

You will receive an Internship Certificate upon your internship completion. Additionally, Your internship supervisor will be more than happy to write you a recommendation letter.

Seminars & Workshops

We customize these experiences based on your interest - join tea ceremonies, learn calligraphy, hear amazing stories from our guest speakers, and more!

Matchaby Motoki Tonn
Zenterns chattingColleagues having a meeting and looking at a TV monitorby Flipsnack

Network & Mentorship

Internships are professional experiences that allow you to network and make valuable connections for your future. Need help with job hunting or practicing interview skills? Let us know! We offer private mentorship.

For an extra fee we also offer

Airport pickup

Japan's public transportation is the #1 in the world. It's easy to travel to town by train. If you're unsure on making the journey alone, Zentern members will be happy to pick you up from the airport.


Offering you the best deals, our partners at Mobal have got you covered. You can purchase physical or e-Sims.

Insurance in Japan

While most interns decide to go wth their own choice of insurance, we can arrange your insurance in Japan.

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