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Graphic Design Internship in Sendai

Join us! We are dedicated to revitalizing rural Japan through sustainable development and technological advancement.
Design and Creative
Japanese: Not needed
3D Team Work

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Internship Description

Company Overview

Our company is based in Sendai, Japan, and is at the forefront of social and technological innovation. Our diverse enterprise specializes in managing sophisticated elderly homes and developing cutting-edge software and web solutions. We are dedicated to revitalizing rural Japan through sustainable development and technological advancement. As part of our team, the Graphic Design Intern will play a crucial role in various projects, from enhancing the lives of the elderly to pioneering software solutions that empower rural communities. This internship is a chance to be part of a movement driving positive change and rural empowerment.

Key Responsibilities

  • Creative Design for Multiple Segments

You will be entrusted with the design of engaging marketing materials for several of our clients, contributing to a comforting and welcoming environment. These materials are critical in showcasing our commitment to local businesses. In addition, your skills will be pivotal in developing intuitive and appealing interfaces for our software products, aimed at improving the digital experience for various user groups.

  • Storytelling and Community Engagement

Your role extends beyond design; you will create visual stories that capture our efforts in community building and rural revitalization. These narratives are essential in promoting our vision and engaging diverse audiences.

  • Collaborative User Interface Design

Collaboration with our technology teams is key. You will help design user interfaces for our web solutions, focusing on accessibility and ease of use. Your designs should cater to a wide demographic, bridging the gap between technology and everyday users.

  • Innovative Digital and Print Media Content

As part of our outreach initiatives, you will develop innovative digital and print media content. Your work will play a pivotal role in connecting rural and urban communities, highlighting the importance of our projects, and drawing support for our cause.


  • Educational Background

We are looking for someone pursuing or having recently completed a degree in Graphic Design, Visual Arts, or a related field.

  • Diverse Portfolio 

A robust portfolio demonstrating a range of design skills and a keen aesthetic sense is essential.

  • Technical Proficiency

Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and other similar design tools is welcome.

  • Passion for Community Projects

A strong interest in working on projects that focus on community development and rural revitalization is crucial. Open to new ideas and can work in a team. 

Professional and Personal Development Opportunities

This internship is a gateway to immense professional and personal growth. You will receive hands-on experience in diverse and challenging projects, guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals in the field, and participate in workshops and training sessions that will sharpen your design skills. Beyond technical expertise, you'll gain invaluable insights into how design can drive social change and community development. This experience will not only enhance your portfolio but also enrich your understanding of the role of design in societal impact.

Join us for an amazing internship experience in Sendai! 

Join us in Sendai for an extraordinary journey where your artistic talents contribute to meaningful social change. We're looking for a Graphic Design Intern who is skilled in design and is also a visionary eager to make a difference and support local Japanese businesses. This is more than an internship; it's an opportunity to be part of a larger mission, contributing to the rejuvenation of rural Japan through innovative and impactful design. If you're ready to take on this challenge and be part of our vibrant team, we encourage you to apply through Zentern Interns.

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