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To celebrate Wendy’s 40th birthday, the fast-food chain offers customers a free cheeseburger. I was excited to hear the news until I did some Googling and found at that the deal is only for their US stores… @Wendy’s, the Japanese like to celebrate birthday parties too.

Luckily Wendy offers a great deal at the start of the year: a Lucky Bag!
Have you ever heard of these lucky bags? They’re almost the best thing after Gachapon.

Japan’s Lucky Bag (fukubukurou 福袋) is sold at the end of the year and contains random goods from the store. A lot of fashion shops offer this so you can get high-end (Japanese) brands for a cheaper price (sometimes 70 - 80% off!).
Other than fashion, you can get lucky bags from Starbucks, pastry, chocolate shops and anime stores (yay!)
The best thing is, you don’t know what’s inside (with that being said, Wendy's thought it was a good idea to reveal this anyway).

This year Wendy’s has joined the trend and we couldn’t be happier! It’s the first time we’ve heard a fast-food chain do this and therefore worth a short blog post.

While a free hamburger does sound amazing, in Japan Wendy’s is offering a lucky bag that includes the following:

  • An amazing bag that keeps your food warm (or cold)
  • Wendy’s USA burger
  • Crispy Chicken Burger
  • Flavored potato fries x2
  • Natural potato fries x2
  • Mentaiko pasta — yup, pasta
  • Your favorite Ice Cream Float
  • A drink (but small size only)

All for the price of ¥3,500 (around $24). Not bad!

There's a slightly cheaper option available as well, ¥3,000 (around $20) with an extra burger but only 1x fries...

Which one would you go for?